SAO Press release May 2022


Semi // Art // Omatic
M: 3106232669

Orange County, CA: Semi // Art // Omatic” is a project that destroys AR-15 semi-automatic rifles and turns the gun pieces into works of art. This project exists as a direct response to the epidemic of gun violence and the fact that guns are the leading cause of death among US children. In the face of helplessness and grief at the loss to gun violence, semiartomatic is a tool to act.

Founder Kaiping Liu discovered he was going to be a father the same day 14 children were shot to death at a school in Parkland, FL. He didn’t want to bring his daughter into a world where adults did not act in the face of such violence.

He bought an AR-15 from the private market, friend and blacksmith Joy Fire cut the rifle into six pieces, and a network of local artists turned the pieces into works of art.

Acclaimed artist Robert Holton is opening his studio for the premiere of Semiartomatic’s work.

The Art Opening is on June 25, 2022 from 5-9pm

Drizzle Studios
212 S Loara St.
Anaheim, CA 92802

At this event, Semiartomatic will cut another AR-15 live. In honour of the children and educators who lost their lives in the recent school shooting in Uvalde Texas, the rifle will be cut into 21 pieces.

The public is invited to join semiartomatic and do something actionable against gun violence. Beyond the art, there will be gun fragments, prints, and other merchandise available for purchase. All profits go toward purchasing the next gun to be destroyed.

Dizzied into action on gun control

If I could describe the political landscape in 2018 in one word, it’s “dizzying”.

Since the election in 2016 I have gone hoarse trying to keep up with everything happening in my country and I feel absolutely powerless. By the time I can catch my breath after the initial wave of grief/outrage, there is a new wave of grief/outrage sending me spinning into the undertow. 

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