Art that saves lives.


After every mass shooting, we hear the same thing: thoughts and prayers.
But thoughts and prayers aren’t the answer. Wishing away the problem instead of acting on real change won’t stop our children from being shot in their schools.
So we’re doing something about it: creating art from tools of mass destruction.
We’re buying AR15’s, cutting them into unusable parts, and turning them into art.
Because one less gun in circulation is one less gun that could hurt another human being. Another son, mother, cousin, friend.
Help us save lives.

Make a difference.

Art for Sale

Contact for sale inquiries.

Contact for sale inquiries.

Contact for sale inquiries.


Whether you’re an activist who wants to make a change, a gun owner who wants to take one weapon out of circulation, an artist who thinks outside the box, or a student who wants to make your voice heard, we can use your help.
We are building this organization from the ground up.
Join us, and make a real difference.


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